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Seafarer Evaluation Training System Sets Plus.14

Security awareness training is a form of education that seeks to equip employees of an organization with the information they need to protect themselves and their organization's assets from loss or harm. For the purposes of any security awareness training discussion, members of an organization include employees, temps, contractors, and anybody else who performs authorized functions online for an organization.

seafarer evaluation training system sets plus.14

Employees need to adjust their mindsets in order to defend themselves against social engineering attacks, according to Jonathon Watson at Clio. In an article for Dark Reading, Watson explains that security training should emphasize that employees should b...

-Involved in loading and flawless weapon execution of 8 laser guided training rounds (LTGR). First ever by an A-6E squadron. -In-depth knowledge of aviation ordnance and strong belief in the team concept was instrumental in the command receiving an outstanding during the demanding Mine Readiness Certification Inspection (MRCI). -Maintains an extremely accurate ammunition account and flawless report of squadrons weapons expenditure. -Demonstrated superior performance as assistance night check Ordnance Flight Deck Coordinator during the recent deployment onboard USS GEORGE WASHINGTON (CVN 73). -Proven leader. Successfully assumed the role of Airframes workcenter supervisor during the month of December. Directly responsible for a 100% sortie completion rate during TSTA III, resulting in the carrier qualification of 16 aircrew and maintaining 14 fully mission capable aircraft. -Awarded Commanding Officer Attack Squadron THIRTY-FOUR Letter of Commendation for superior performance of duties while serving as Conventional Weapons Quality Assurance/Safety Observer during NAS Fallon NV. weapons detachment. -Aggressive leadership, sound judgement and exceptional foresight were major factors in the successful expenditure of over 59,000 pounds of ordnance while maintaining an unprecedented 100% reliability rate. His skillful management of shop assets and personnel, despite critical manpower shortages, directly resulted in full mission capable combat ready aircraft during squadron high tempo operations. -Keen ability to learn rapidly and adapt quickly to varying situations. Thorough knowledge of ordnance and avionics procedures were evident while attached to the Integrated Weapons Team, where his expertise greatly contributed to full mission capable combat ready aircraft. -Attention to detail and thorough understanding of A-6E SWIP armament systems were key factors for being selected early as a Collateral Duty Inspector for the Ordnance Branch. -Astute ability to utilize all channels of communication while acting as Ordnance Flight Deck Coordinator aboard USS GEORGE WASHINGTON. His superb coordination and heads-up thinking greatly reduces workload and stress throughout an undermanned workcenter. -Instrumental in the successful "Bullseye" deliveries of nine AGM-62 WALLEYE Guided Weapons, three AGM-65E Laser Maverick missiles, and one AGM-88 HARM. -Greatly contributed to the successful loading of 14 mines during the Mine Readiness Certification Inspection with an overall grade of outstanding. -Active member of Birdneck Elementary Parent Teacher Association. -Technical wizard. Efficiently led a workcenter team in performing NADEP level maintenance on aircraft 507's aft fuselage, saving the squadron 144 maintenance man hours and returning the aircraft to full mission status in one shift. -Effective manager. As shift supervisor, was directly responsible for the workcenter receiving grades of outstanding on three consecutive quarterly workcenter audits.

- Played a key role in the updating of Basic Material File (BMF) records in support of a wall-to-wall location audit of over 4000 Aviation Depot Level Repairable (AVDLR) line items. His superior efforts resulted in achieving 100% inventory accuracy while TAD to Aviation Support Division USS George Washington (CVN 73). - Processed and reconciled numerous Nalcomis reports, responsible for clearing over 400 discrepancies to improve supply response time while TAD to Repairable Assets Management (RAM) section USS George Washington (CVN 73). - Demonstrated outstanding technical expertise in utilization of the Integrated Barcode System (IBS) as Repairable Assets Management (RAM) inventory team leader. Insured all scheduled inventories were completed correctly and expeditiously. - Instrumental in the complex relocation and Integrated Barcode System (IBS) identification of all bulk storeroom materials in Repairable Assets Management section. - Involved in community events. Active participant in the "Clean the Chesapeake Bay Day". -Superior Technician. Meticulous attention to detail led to the finding of a missing nut and cotter pin in Blaster 505's rudder assembly, averting possible loss of aircraft and aircrew. His efforts earned him AIRLANT attention with Pro of the Week recognition. -Superior efforts directly contributed to Phase workcenter receiving Workcenter of the Quarter Award and the squadron's 100% sortie completion rate during a recent airwing Fallon detachment. -Excellent instructional techniques allow thorough and expeditious training of inexperienced personnel, increasing production and improving material condition of 14 A-6E aircraft. -Instrumental in the expeditious completion of several major special inspections, allowing the squadron to meet all commitments onboard USS GEORGE WASHINGTON during the high tempo work-up cycle. -Superior supervisor: Working now in a position normally filled by a first class petty officer. His direct and positive leadership skills were directly responsible for the workcenter's dramatic production increase. -Technically astute: Hard work and attention to detail resulted in zero corrosion discrepancies on ATKWINGSLANT inspections of seven aircraft. -Maintains an aggressive, flawless Hazardous Material program, resulting in zero discrepancies on weekly hazardous waste site inspections. -Singlehandedly organized the conversion to the Hazardous Material minimization program, significantly reducing squadron hazardous material/waste by 35%. -Handpicked to supervise a re-hab detachment aboard USS GEORGE WASHINGTON. -Received Letter of Commendation from Commanding Officer Attack Squadron THIRTY-FOUR for sustained superior performance while assigned to the Phase Workcenter as the day check supervisor. -Superior Leader. Directly responsible for the workcenter receiving the Workcenter Professionalism Award. -Outstanding Instructor. Superior training techniques ensures that inexperienced personnel are expeditiously trained, greatly increasing production and improving material condition of squadron aircraft. -Innovative Motivator. Leadership directly resulted in a 40% increase in mission capable assets. -His exceptional technical skills were directly responsible for the squadron achieving a sortie completion rate of 100% during a recent airwing Fallon weapons detachment. - SUPERIOR PERFORMER. Awarded the Navy Achievement Medal for superior performance and dedication as an instructor while attached to VA-42 FRAMP. - DEDICATED PROFESSIONAL. Received Letter of Appreciation for the adept troubleshooting and repair of a reoccurring fuel flow indicator problem on aircraft 520.


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