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Milfs Wearing Girdles

I have had a fetish for girdles ever since I saw my mom in a tight girdle and sheer nylon stockings. I just had to see more so I went to her bedroom when she was out to explore. Her bras and panties were exciting but the girdles were thrilling and mysterious and a little scary. The girdle I first held was heavy and was hard to stretch and smelled of rubber. I stepped in to it and pulled it up my legs and over my erection and it got stuck. With much effort I pulled it up all the way, in fear that I would be discovered, but I continued dressing since it was so thrilling and erotic. Moms sheer nylons were next, and they felt so good on my legs, and looked great too. I attached the garters with much difficulty but was pleased at the way the girdle pulled the nylons tight and the tingling feeling on my legs . I had the biggest erection of my life and found it strange and wonderful that it happened wearing my moms pretty things. I soon enjoyed trying on all her girdles, but the first time is special to me.10:41AM, 15 July 2010 PDT(permalink)

milfs wearing girdles

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My development to a serious girdlewearer started the same way. One day I could no longer resist and tried my mothers obg and her stockings. It was the first step of a wonderful journey. I wear different types of girdles, obg, hwllpg and allinones. But my favourite still is a good forming obg.ages ago(permalink)

Wow, my experiences were so similar to all of you! It started in my early teens with a desire to try on my Mom's nylons and then it went to her girdles and then to more. I could not wait for my aunts to visit, so I could sample more styles and fits. I must say that after these 50 years, a corselette from one aunt was a perfect fit. Ah, the memories that still drive my taste in dressing today.ages ago(permalink)

I was about 12 when I tried on my first panty girdle. I'd been shopping with my mother and loved the chances I had to stand around the lingerie secion of the local department stores as she shopped for her Bestform long leg girdles. It was only a matter of time before I tried one on.ages ago(permalink)

I simply adore wearing all types of shape ware. I love feeling anything that fits tight and shapes and conformes my body. Love those cute little clasp that hold up my stockings especially when I wear a panty girdle high cut style brief. It's so sexy to look at those little clasps on my wide lace top stockings. I also love to wear a full body briefer even with silky pantyhose. When I put on my tight short dresses or skirts when I wear a body briefer with padding in the behind I look so feminine with my tiny waist and my sexy round behind. Yes I love to wear girdles of any type because I love feeling the tightness and sexy way it makes me feelages ago(permalink)

I was 12 years old, year 1963, I had already tried pantie and bra of my mother (I wore them as soon as she was for the work) when I discovered in its wardrobe a beautiful girdle with garters that I tried at once ! I remember myself the pleasure to feel the girdle sliding on my body, to feel me good tighted, and then to put stockings and to hang on them on garters. I was not able to hold back a beautiful erection ! From there came my love for girdles !ages ago(permalink)

Just love reading about all your guys experiences. Boy do I remember slipping into my mothers open bottom rubber girdle and hooking up a pair of her seamed nylons,then squeezing into a pair of her high heeled pumps. I was about 13 at the time and had this fantastic rock hard erection. Could not help but masturbate to this sexual feeling of wearing womans clothes. I had the most fabulous orgasm. WOW. Been hooked ever since and love being with men who dress sexy. Would love to talk with anyone with these interests. aaacdtvaddict@yahoo.comages ago(permalink)

My first time was with my mother's OBG. I was about 13 or 14 or 15. I liked trying it on without her Panties underneath, so i could pull it up just far enough so my teenage erection would want to push out underneath. I also started trying on her Panties and Bras and Nylons. She also wore a Pantygirdle whcih I liked and tried on. I also liked trying on and wearing 18 Hour All-In-Ones that had a split Crotch opening. I think OBG's and Pantygirdles and All-In-Ones are very sexy.ages ago(permalink)

I love my girdles and it all started when I first saw my mom in her girdle and nylons. We went for a family outing to a big amusement park and my poor mother went into this huge funhouse with us all. All of these people were standing at this one place to watch as women walked up a flight of stairs that had been rigged with air jets. Her dress and slip were blown completely up exposing her pink open bottom girdle and nylons. She screamed and stood there for what seemed like minutes. Even after she pulled her dress down she stood there frozen with embarrassment while all of the onlookers were laughing and making comments. I could never forget that scene. Poor thing, they got her again at the exit and she had to endure more laughter and commentsages ago(permalink)

my grandmother caught me wearing her pink girdle, don't know who was more surprised , her or me, she never told a soul, god bless her heart. she hid it , after that , but i found it and wore it when she was out. my mothers girdle was the first one i wore, midnite in the bathroom, it was like it was yesterday, love girdles. dinaages ago(permalink)

For me it was mostly my Grandma girdles. Oh did she have some nice ones. She had al kinds of lovely treasures. My Momk had a few. but nothing like what Grandma had. Oh those were the days. But now i can say I have my own pretties.ages ago(permalink)

My first girdle was my mother's but soon I was accumulating a lingerie wardrobe of my own by swiping things from apartment house laundry rooms. I became quite good at it, but in retrospect i am totally ashamed. But that was way back in the 1950s when everyone wore a girdle and I was a budding crossdresser. Mother discoved my things and while being absolutely mortified and appaled at what I had done, was rather understanding about why, and my desire to be a girl. It was easy living with her seeing it was only we two. As long as I promised not to go outside dressed as a girl she would look the other way at home. We lived in NYC. It wasn't long before she was buying things for me and giving me pointers. Unbeknownst to her I did wear girdles, stockings and panties to school and no one was the wiser. I was medically exempt from gym so there was no problem there. But the feel of that tight girdle beneath my pants and how the stockings pulled on the garters caused me to jerk off at least once a day in school.One day at home, mother came walking from her bedroom in heels, stockings, girdle, and bra, as did I from my bedroom wearing the identical things. We both laughed until we cried, and from that point I was almost like her daughter.ages ago(permalink)

I was about ten or eleven years old, and had always been fascinated with the seamed stockings all women wore at the time. The stocking covered legs were so beautiful, and I always wondered where those seams went. We lived in a two family house with a big attic just completely filled up. I secretely browsed in it all the time. There was a big locked trunk which I struggled to get open and finally succeeded. To my amazement, it was filled with vintage corsets, girdles, lingerie and laddered stockings (don't lnow why anyone would want to keep them). I removed my pants and selected a wide waist nipper with six wide long suspender straps and hook and eye closure, and proceeded to struggle into it over my underpaNTS.. It was a real struggle but it fit quite snugly and I finally got the hooks fastened. Then I turned it around to what I thought was the right position. The feeling was incredible, especially the six dangling suspenders, and i had a real tingling sensation. I then found a pair of laddered stockings and pulled them one by over my feet with the seams over my heels as the women wore them. Somehow, I figured out that the stockings hooked to the suspenders; that's where the seams went. I had to experiment quite a bit to figure out how to attach the suspenders to the stockings, but finally did so with a front garter. Then I proceeded to attach the rear suspenders so that the seams were perfectly straight on my legs; the stockings were a little long, and i've always liked the longest possible stockings. finally, I got all six suspenders fastened, and, for the first time, enjoyed the extasy of firmly gartered nylon clad legs. The extacy has persisted to this day.ages ago(permalink)

Like most of you my mothers girdle and stockings was the beginning long ago. I often wonder why some boys are fascinated by girdles and stockings and others not. What makes the difference?ages ago(permalink)

Well I think everybody here can relax because girdles are being made for men now. My Ex always wore a Playtex OBG , I asked her about it. She said it was part of her she was so used to it, that she never felt right without it, and that it gave her much -needed support to her belly especially - she was a size 14 woman though not what you could call fat, just all there. She would go hours, tight as it was, actually forgetting she had it on. And, yes, it gave her an even more fabulous figure than her nice normal one. I asked her if there was anything in particular she liked about girdles and she said it's the way they hold her belly and her bottom and give her a hug all around. I'd love to see more women wear them today because I know what they can do!Originally posted ages ago. (permalink) Kilkenny Photographer edited this topic ages ago.

My mother was a girdle wearer and when I was a young boy I would sit on the bed watching her get ready to go out. She would be walking around the bedroom in her open bottom girdle with tan stockings and a longline bra and I asked her why she wore such things and she said that because they felt good, well after that I just had to try it. I put on my first girdle when i was about 10, it was a panti girdle and I just loved the feeling that it gave me, it felt so tight, and I loved it. From then on I wore one whenever I could. When I was 14 my mother when shopping for the day leaving me at home so I dressed in her open bottom girdle, stockings and one of her bras, god did it feel good, I loved it. Has I stood in front of the mirror looking at myself I started to get hard so I lay down on her bed and started playing with myself, again it felt so good and then I had my first cum, it blew my mind and from that moment I was hooked. I still love girdles to this day and I would never give them up. Leanne.xages ago(permalink) 041b061a72


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