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{Blackjack Bluebook II}

This system was made popular in the book "Blackjack Bluebook II", written by the author Red Renzey. The KISS II count system is formulated to make it simple for the user but it can be added upon to gain more of an edge over the house such as in the KISS III count system. There is actually a KISS I system as well but it is not taken as seriously and it is only used by players who barely ever play. Essentially, it is useless to serious card counters and blackjack experts.

{Blackjack Bluebook II}

Not all basic strategy plays are created equal. Some blackjack hands are such close calls it takes only a slight difference in composition or in the proportion of remaining cards to flip the best play.

In blackjack, the cards that have already been dealt do influence future outcomes. In live games, an Ace that's dealt on one hand isn't available on the next. Either live or online, if you have a 6 in your hand, that specific 6 isn't available to be dealt again in that hand.

He starts from the beginning by explaining in detail how the game works andhow to use basic strategy to reduce the edge. Then he explains how to countcards. This is the perfect blackjack book for beginners.

Turning the Tables broadens his focus to discuss games besides blackjack(poker), and it also focuses on success in general. But his approach to successis about as different from reading something Steven Covey or Tony Robbins as youcan imagine. Other success literature discusses psychology and the importance oftaking care of your physical and mental health. What those books leave out isthe focus on math and probability.

Comp City focuses less on winning at blackjack and more on learning how toreduce the house edge close enough to 0 that you profit from the comps that thecasinos offer. Rubin is an entertaining writer, and he explains how the compssystem in the casinos work in detail. He goes on to explain how to take fulladvantage of it.

The literature related to blackjack is vast. In fact, the blackjack bookslisted here barely scratch the surface. Most of the authors of these books havemultiple books to their credit-especially Arnold Snyder, Stanford Wong, and KenUston.


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