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Superset 100 Guide (2).pdf UPD

We will be using a superset docker container from here. This basically runs the web server, sqllite db for metadata database and we will also spin up a postgres instance for our warehouse. Since we are not going to be running long running queries we can skip the async execution part.

Superset 100 Guide (2).pdf

Download Zip:

In the sde_superset_demo folder you will notice a data folder with some data. This is a census income dataset from UCL ML. In our docker-compose file you can see that we mount the data folder into the container at this line ./data:/data.

You will train three times per week, each training session consisting of four exercises, split into two supersets x two exercises. The first superset generally consists of the main lifts, and the second superset consists of accessory lifts and supplementary work.

A superset is when you move back and forth between two exercises. In the case of workout 1, the first superset consists of bench press and barbell rows. After every set of bench presses, you do one set of barbell rows. Then one more set of bench presses followed by one set of barbell rows, and so on until you have completed ten sets of each.

The program might only consist of three workouts per week, but these workouts are pretty intense with their high number of sets performed in a supersetted fashion. Because of this, you might also expect your work capacity and cardiovascular endurance to improve.

Now, as you can read in our guide on how to cut, losing body fat has way more to do with a caloric deficit than doing an extensive volume of sets and reps in the gym. And preserving your lean body mass during a cut is mostly about stimulating your muscles to grow with adequate training while eating a lot of protein. 041b061a72


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