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American Hero !!LINK!!

American Hero is a 2015 superhero film written and directed by Nick Love. A British-American co-production, it stars Stephen Dorff as a hard-partying alcoholic with telekinetic powers who, after a life-changing event, resolves to follow a more heroic lifestyle. Screen Media Films released it in the US on December 11, 2015.

American Hero

Here, we celebrate and honor some American Heroes and the places associated with them. Many American heroes are famous people; but not all famous people are heroes. The people we identify as heroes are those who embody characteristics that we admire and aspire to -- the best versions of ourselves.

Formerly known as the Acrux/Trojan Labor Awards, the HireQuest American Hero Awards recognize the sacrifices our heroes and their families make for our country. We come together over breakfast to honor these sacrifices with two awards.

Although Davis was known throughout the Army as a modern-day hero, his daughter shared that growing up, he never talked about the war, and she didn't find out the extent of his valor until 2019 when he was inducted into the Ranger Hall of Fame.

"Brilliant and unsettling. . . . Part biography, part military history, part social chronicle charting the rise and fall of Grant's reputation, U.S. Grant is a sobering reminder of the vicissitudes of fame. . . . Waugh's well-researched and vibrantly written book . . . restores luster to a lost American hero."--The Chicago Tribune 041b061a72


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