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Legends Of The Fall

Searching for something that will feel at home in your garden, adding color and fragrance without formality? Plant Legend of the Fall bottlebrush. This nifty native shrub has the best fall color of any bottlebrush, which is really saying something for a plant that's already well known for being an autumn beauty. In spring, honey-scented white flowers appear. Bottlebrush is one of the most shade tolerant landscape shrubs and thrives even in hot climates. It's a very nice choice for planting under trees.

Legends of the Fall


Bottlebrush is very easy to care for - it prefers average soil and at least four hours of sun each day. It can grow well in shadier conditions, however, it may not flower as prolifically and fall color may not be quite as brilliant in very deep shade.

Summer or fall, the leaf color is a great addition. In fall, it is a show stopper. In spring and summer, the leaf color complements reds and purples. I bought it in the small quart size and have it at present in patio containers, but I know exactly where it will go in the garden when it "grows up". 041b061a72


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