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Enjoy Straight Outta Compton with Subtitles 1080p: Tips and Tricks for Subtitle Lovers

the subtitles can be the first thing to be displayed on the screen when the movie is running, or can be hidden and then displayed only when a certain event or character speaks. they can be displayed in a variety of different ways: below or above the dialogue, top or bottom of the screen, or on the right or left of the screen, etc.

straight outta compton subtitles 1080p

in the case of top gun the film itself is called "top gun" and the top of the screen is where the title of the film appears. so it wouldnt make sense to have the subtitles appear at the top of the screen. when the screen is playing the film in the background, the subtitles are usually displayed below the dialogue. this type of placement creates the illusion of the dialogue being spoken in the background, like someone talking to you while youre watching a movie. another type of placement for the subtitles is when they are hiding the dialogue. when the subtitles cover the dialogue, youre basically watching the dialogue with no visuals. this is a great way to show the dialog on the screen if you dont want to show the visuals in the movie.

when the subtitles are hidden in the movie, youre watching the dialogue and visuals in the movie. the subtitles are most commonly hidden in the movie when the screen is black. when the subtitles are hidden, they have the advantage of being able to cover the screen without being visible, and they will disappear when the screen shows the visuals. this is an especially good way of showing the dialogue in a movie because you dont have to see the dialogue to understand what the characters are saying. another advantage of this method of placing the subtitles is that if the screen is blank, the subtitles will be automatically hidden. this is useful when youre watching a movie with the sound off, since the subtitles will disappear when the screen turns on.


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