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Orion ^NEW^

If I delete all entities for type "Address" stepwise by 1000 entities (each time I request the first 1000 entities and delete them afterward), I am able to delete >98000 entities. So all 98000 entities were in the orion-ld. But I wasn't able to read all entities from orion-ld.


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I try to find out the last readable entity, it is "http://orion/ngsi-ld/v1/entities?type=Address&offset=25248&limit=1" the next request failed: "http://orion/ngsi-ld/v1/entities?type=Address&offset=25249&limit=1" If I try to get entities above the 25248 it failed at all.

If I check, if all 98000 ID's for type "Address" are in orion-ld, I request them by url "http://orion/ngsi-ld/v1/entities/id". I receive for each ID the expected answer. So all ID's are in the orion-ld. Only the read request failed, starting with offset>25248. 041b061a72


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